About us

attrax stands for customised solutions, shared success and the security of a strong network.

We specialise in fund brokerage, fund distribution, custody services and sales and marketing support for cooperative banks, asset managers and their custodian banks, institutional clients such as banks and insurance companies. As a full-service provider of fund-related services, Attrax Financial Services S.A. is committed to providing a more efficient interface between product buyers and sellers. At present, attrax manages a fund volume of more than €85 billion.

Registered as a public limited company under Luxembourg law, Attrax Financial Services S.A. is authorized as a commission agent (section 24-1*) and a marketer of investment fund units (section 24-2*). The company is regulated by Luxembourg’s financial supervisory authority (CSSF).

attrax offers more than just order execution

  • It delivers a one-stop solution that covers all your fund processing needs.
  • It provides a simple and efficient fund brokerage service.
  • It uses innovative technology and a high degree of standardization to give you a competitive edge.
  • attrax increases your efficiency through marketing support and fund research.

that speaks for attrax:

  • We have extensive expertise and more than 20 years of experience.
  • We provide a responsive and personalized service.
  • We offer you and your clients the security and strength of an effective network.

Our team

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The company

The company

Simple and efficient. attrax.

Companie´s background

Companie´s background

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